About This Blog….


How does what we wear affect how others view us?

What choices do we make when planning our daily wardrobe looks?

To what extent do the ‘looks’ of those in power affect how we portray ourselves?

Do we consider branding a major factor within the wardrobes of the wealthy and powerful?

These questions are often left open amongst all the blogs I read on a regular basis, whether popular or ‘up and coming’ Why? I suppose it is an area that most fbloggers, bbloggers and everyone in-between feel uncomfortable to attack. I suppose it could be considered a controversial topic as libel cases are often bought against those who dare to criticise the clothes of those who are considered to have the most influence over our daily decisions.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to discriminate or criticise the clothing choices of the rich and powerful. Rather, to document various looks, trends and co-ordinating styles of those we consider to be ‘the trend-setters’ of society. I will look particularly at role-setters within politics: Presidents, First ladies and their companions; and members of the European Royal Families.

Of course some analysis is essential, so I will also aim to provide some debating ideas surrounding the often controversial ethical and political angles of fashion.

And please feel more than welcome to leave any comments, ideas and suggestions…blogging is a global communication platform; let’s keep it that way by sharing opinions and voices.

Thanks for reading!


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