Introduction to the Blog.


This is Poli-Royal Style – your virtual home of celebrity fashion inspiration and style.

Rather than flooding  your news feed with reports of what society consider to be ‘celebrities’ (reality television stars, wives of footballers or pop icons) I endeavour to showcase a variety of fashion choices of two of my favourite breeds of celebrity:

Influential people in politics

Members of global Royal families

I’ve become disillusioned by the media’s fascination of the ‘new celebrity’. Fame doesn’t result from talent anymore, thus I want to share examples of style from women such as Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Carla Bruni. to name a few. I consider these women to be owners of style, rather than fashion.

Being in my final year of a fashion journalism degree I plan to share my fashion knowledge, opinion and inspiration with you, my follower.

You will find examples of true style, as well as a look at the ethical side of their aesthetic choices. There will also be invitations to share your thoughts and ideas on their personal style, both aesthetically and ethically.

I hope you enjoy reading!



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